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RAMTECH Roof Restoration-

TURN TO THE PROS for the Very Best in Fluid-Applied Roofing Systems! Providing the very best in commercial roofing just got a lot cooler!

Commercial Roof Restoration, by definition, is the complete rejuvenation of the existing roof system, and as such becomes the new roof system - (or fluid applied membrane). Our restoration team is trained to identify and repair all major deficiencies before a full restoration is performed, or a costly replacement is necessary. This is a RAMTECH specialty and will cost significantly less than a full replacement! 
Restoration requires a special expertise that few companies can claim proficiency with. RAMTECH ROOFING has mastered this process, and is considered by our clients as a leader in commercial roof restoration!  Fluid applied roof restorations save a significant amount of money, are water-tight, come with industry standard labor and material warranties, and protect what matters the most - EVERYTHING BENEATH THE ROOF!  We've performed roof restorations for over 40 years, from coast to coast!  We know what works, and what does not...  Please let our extensive expertise and experience help guide you - it could save you a significant amount of money versus traditional re-roof!  This is our specialty!

Roof Restoration Options - In General

High Solids Silicone Restoration

New industry standard waterproofing protection for low slope / flat roof systems. 

  • Ponding water warranty coverage!

  • 10, 15, & 20 year labor and material backed guarantees!

  • Rapid continual improvements in chemistry!

  • No VOC's

  • Great for custom colors!

SEBS Restoration

Solvent based (mineral spirits) maintenance coating primarily for use over metal roof surfaces.

  • Adhesion to the widest variety of substrates!

  • Great for quick repairs!

  • Adheres tenaciously to porous substrates!

  • Great vertical wall coating!

  • 50 year + liquid applied technology

  • Great for long lasting colors!

Premium standard waterproofing protection for low slope / flat roof systems. 

  • Great for use in ponding condition areas on the roof!

  • Best option for heavy rooftop traffic

  • Improved formulas for over 50 years!

  • Low VOC's

  • Great for long lasting colors!

Acrylic Restoration

Water based maintenance coating primarily used on sloped roof surfaces that have good positive drainage.

  • Not a good fit for low slope applications

  • Will not perform well / at all under ponding conditions

  • Economical price point!  Generally the most inexpensive coating products!

  • Easy application - easy cleanup!

  • Custom / ColorFast colors available

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What Our Clients Say-

heiko moore spraying silicone on a flat commercial roof

Wayne T. -  River Oaks Med Center

"We were interested in a re-roof and were skeptical of a "fluid applied" roof system, initially...  Upon reviewing Ramtech's countless other "fluid applied" projects from the past, speaking with some of their past customers, and after a thorough inspection / review process by Ramtech - it made for a very easy decision!  We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome - as we're now water-tight, we saved a significant amount of money by not re-roofing, nothing had to be torn off and dumped at the local landfill, and we've got a 20 year material and labor warranty backed by Ramtech & the manufacturer!
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