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Commercial Roof Maintenance

Allow RAMTECH ROOFING to help extend the useful service life of your assets 

EXPONENTIALLY with routine rooftop maintenance!

Roof maintenance is often out of sight and out of mind for many commercial building owners, but regular maintenance is one of the most effective tools in extending the life of the roof. Seemingly small problems can quickly escalate, often becoming expensive and eventually compromising a roofs integrity. A small roof leak could allow a large and growing patch of moisture in the insulation causing an energy loss of up to 70%, as well as damaging large portions of the interior.





Roof Asset Management Program

Proactive / Preventative Service Agreements & Why you want them!
Maintenance Plans for Commercial and Industrial Roofs

Commercial and industrial roofs play a vital role in protecting businesses, their assets, and ensuring a productive environment.
Proper maintenance is the key to extending the roof's lifespan, avoiding unexpected repair costs, and getting the most out of your investment. RAMTECH ROOFING offers comprehensive preventative maintenance plans (Proactive Service Agreements) designed to address the unique needs of commercial and industrial roofs. With regular inspections, timely repairs, and expert guidance, we help owners manage and maximize their roofing assets effectively.  It truly is ROOF MAINTENANCE - SIMPLFIED, and can be customized to any budget!

The High Costs of Neglecting Roof Maintenance

Roofing systems often face challenges when it comes to budgetary constraints and short-term spending cuts.
One of the primary reasons is that the roof is often not at the forefront of thought for many people - unless it's leaking.
It goes unnoticed by most individuals, and only a limited number of maintenance personnel dedicate significant time to its care. Moreover, those responsible for maintenance budgets often prioritize other aspects of the building, such as the operation of equipment installed on the roof. This mindset prevails under the belief that if the roof is not actively leaking, allocating funds for its maintenance seems unnecessary.  Preventative maintenance programs are often overlooked for property managers, causing significant increases in roof repair price.  In fact, according to a report by The North Texas Roofing Contractor's Association, more than 80 percent of all roofs are replaced prematurely.  As a result, the average building owner ends up spending demonstrably more on (continued) roofing throughout the lifespan of a building, making repairs, maintenance, and restoration significantly more cost-effective than full roof replacement.
Neglecting roof maintenance can lead to costly structural damage and create a maintenance nightmare for any building owner.

What does an ARMOR-CARE Maintenance Plan cover?

Preventative  maintenance plans (Proactive Service Agreements) include a wide variety of services to keep your roof operating in an optimal manner. At the core of RAMTECH'S preventative maintenance program is the commercial roof inspection, during which an expert technician assesses the different roofing surfaces on your property, looking at everything from the flashing to the roofing membrane, in search of any issues that may arise in the next year. While on the roof, the technician will clear debris from the roof, and make minor repairs thus ensuring that your system continues to work optimally.  Once finished, the technician provides their detailed report to the owner, giving tips for cost-effective, safety-first solutions for maintaining your roof. Provided biannually in the preventive maintenance program, these commercial roof inspections prevent small issues from escalating into costly repairs or whole roof replacements. Implementing a roof maintenance program can nearly double the lifespan of a 15-20 year roof, leading to between 25 and 50 percent savings on lifetime maintenance costs.

Cost Savings of Preventative Maintenance

Implementing an ARMOR-CARE preventive maintenance program (Proactive Service Agreement) brings substantial cost savings in roof maintenance over time. Studies conducted by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the American Institute of Plant Engineers Association for Facilities Engineers (AIPE/AFE) indicate that preventative maintenance can extend the service life of a roof by 30% to 100%. In addition to this finding, a report released by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) on a large federal roof program in the United States demonstrates that a proactive maintenance program can significantly lower the average life cycle cost of a roof to $0.14 per square foot. In contrast, a reactive maintenance approach, where a contractor is called only after problems are discovered, can cost up to $0.25 per square foot. This staggering difference of $0.11 per square foot per year highlights the long-term cost-effectiveness of proactive maintenance compared to reactive strategies.

By investing in preventative measures, businesses can avoid expensive structural damage caused by cracks, water pools, or loose flashing, while reducing the likelihood of mold growth and maintaining the roof's protection against harsh weather conditions. Moreover, small leaks can be addressed promptly, preventing them from escalating into more significant problems and saving thousands of dollars in emergency repairs.

At RAMTECH ROOFING, we advocate for a preventative approach and implementing a comprehensive maintenance program to extend the lifespan of a roof, mitigate costly damages, and optimize long-term budgetary allocations. The financial benefits of proactive roof maintenance are undeniable, making it a wise investment for any business looking to reduce expenses and maximize the longevity of their roofing assets. Contact us today to work in tandem with our industry-leading consultants to ensure you have a proactive preventative maintenance plan in place for your facility.

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Yearly inspections with planned maintenance may be just enough! We'll help you develop & customize a maintenance plan that fits your roof, and won't break your budget!

The easiest way to extend the life of your roof is by staying in constant contact with it!
That's where a RAMTECH ROOFING ARMOR-CARE Maintenance plan makes sense!



The premise behind any good roof maintenance plan is to work proactively.   Taking care of the small issues now, is far less costly than waiting to see what big issues may arise, later.  We'll work hard to identify the most pressing issues first, and get them fixed fast!  Beyond that, we'll catalogue everything for you online, and provide you 24/7 access to all of your roof asset data!



A largest part of our maintenance plan recommendations come from conditions on the roof at the time of the initial inspection. We'll work with you every step of the way to get your roof water-tight and right!  You can rest assured that we'll find your leaking pain points, and get them permanently repaired.  
Saving money shouldn't have to hurt -
We make it our mission to save you $$$$$

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